We bring your ideas to life

Software that you need, no less no more.

We develop web and mobile applications using Agile methodologies and we offer consultancy services to companies that want to invest in innovation and have an idea to develop.

Mobile development
Android, iOS and PWA app development
Web development
Web Cloud based application
Product Design
Project development from scratch
Videogame development also with Augmented Reality features
always engaging and intuitive
Enterprise Software
To simplify and improve daily workflow

Planning & Strategy

We support the customer in choosing the most suitable technologies, processes and strategies to achieve his professional goals

Assistance & support

The customer is continuously followed up, from the beginning to the implementation of the technological solutions devised. We care about the degree of satisfaction of our customers and offer assistance solutions in line with their needs.

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Ti aiutiamo a costruire un vantaggio strategico attraverso la trasformazione digitale

Software Development

Thanks to the Agile methodology and the experience of our teams, we develop the software with the idea of ​​bringing the proposed value to the market in the shortest time as possible.

UI and UX design

Our design team is focused on user experience. This approach translates into a constant search for the best graphical interface suited to the target and the service offered.

Our skills

Voice Technology
We build advanced systems, capable of proactively guiding conversations, booking services, making phone calls and acting as an independent touchpoint with customers.
Machine Learning
From data analysis we make predictions on future trends and give the opportunity to make data-driven decisions.
Big Data
We support companies in building a data driven business, aware and competitive, dictated by decisions based on pertinent data, able to anticipate the future.
Augmented Reality
We work on augmented reality projects for highly inclusive games and educational activities, combining the real and digital worlds, in collaboration with scientific teams and universities.
Agile Method
We adopt the SCRUM framework, which defines goals based on end customer satisfaction. For greater punctuality, performance and quality of the services offered.
Telegram Bot
We develop totally customized bots on Telegram. Users and companies streamline the daily workflow, coordinating teams thanks to the multifunctions of a smart channel.

development first of all


We explore the company's business and its reference market, then with the design sprint we quickly arrive at defining roadmaps, milestones, which help you make an informed choice.

Agile Development

Our highly specialized team is committed to bringing to life what we have established in the smallest details, with agile development.


Un'academy per sviluppatori e non solo

Training of resources through direct involvement